How to Attract a Soulmate
How to attract a Soul Mate
The Laws of Love
The Truth About Soul Mates 

So You’re Looking for Your Soul Mate…

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Here are some basic truth about soul mates:

1.) Know that you cannot fail.  Everyone around you is a soulmate.  The more difficult they are, the more they have something to teach you, so the more important a soulmate they are.  Relationship is work, not a walk in the park. 

2.) If you are looking for the “love at first sight” or the strong attraction, know that most attractions like that are Eros, or Lust at first sight.  This usually dissipates after 3 months.  This attraction is felt with the lower part of the body.  True soul connections are usually felt in the Third Eye and sometimes in the Heart, because True Love is not a sexual thing.  Listen to your chakras; they tell you who is for real.  If all else fails, use your “gut”, the “power chakra”, to give you the truth. 

3.) There are “Twin Flames”.  That is, there are soulmates who are meant to accompany you once you have done your job on earth and no longer need to return.  The Twin Flame will come to you if you are firmly monogamous, are on your “life path”, and are devoted to your destiny.  They are truly your “other half”, here to accompany you on Ascension, when two become one.  They really are more of a duplicate, but their gender is complementary to yours.  The Twin Flame doesn’t come unless you “get yourself right”, because they will not fill up your holes or make you complete.  They are simply your equal; the opposite gender.  If you have stuff to work on, they will not arrive until one of you is good with YOURSELF.  When you see people who are easy together, even after many years, you know they are Twin Flames.  These relationships are rare, but they are what we are all seeking.  That is why the true path to the Twin Flame is personal growth. 

4.) There are certain people who you meet many lifetimes in an attempt to square a situation.  They are indeed major soulmates.  Many times, one soulmate has evolved more along the spiritual path than another.  There will be many opportunities given for this relationship to grow.  You recognize these relationships, because they usually are long term relationships where you can’t quite “get it right”.  It may take your whole life for this relationship to get right, because one or the other person needs to grow or go on their own path alone, in order to find their way back to you.  Make no mistake; they may indeed be your soul mate or even unevolved Twin.  The lesson is, wait without waiting.  Every so often, you can give them an opportunity to come your way.  If they continue to rebuff you, believe them that they are not ready, and move along.  They may never be ready in this lifetime.  (Many times, one or the other is a spiritual teacher—and I don’t mean literally, but they are.)


5.)   We sometimes have more attraction for specific people…sometimes these are      people we knew in other lifetimes.  Sometimes they are people who grew up in similar energies, and so you recognize each other by that energy. (similar parts of the country, or similar life family situations)  Sometimes you literally grew up in the same energies, because you are the same generation.  Astrology recognizes this as being obvious, which is why astrology is good for predicting chemistry. 

6.) You have 144 soulmates who are parts of the same soul-spark as you.  This means they have similar energies, and you will recognize it when you are around them.  However, if they are not an aware person, they may not recognize it.  Use patience.  But do not push yourself on someone or obsess over them—this drives them away from you. 

7.) The surest way to attract a soulmate is to concentrate on improving yourself.  If you do this, the soulmate will be attracted to you, even if you never leave the house.  Of course, if you never leave the house, you probably aren’t working on yourself!!! ;)  The point is, look within, not without, for your soulmate.  When you truly begin to love yourself, you will find a true soulmate around you.  You are more attractive when you are doing something interesting in your life, so get involved with SOMEthing!!!  GET A LIFE! 

8.) Be aware that not all people are at your level of evolution.  Sometimes when you go to send out “love vibes”, what you will attract is folks who think love is sex, because they are thinking of attraction at its lowest vibration, which is animalistic reproductive drive.  So, just because you are walking around in love or in a pink fog, don’t be unaware of the motives of others.

 9.) Ask God (or your Holy One) to send your soulmate to you.  But don’t be surprised if he or she comes as a baby!  Soulmates come in all shapes and sizes, and can be friends, foes, or family!


So many people I meet are looking for their perfect soul mate. Many times they ask me, because I am an astrologer, “when is my soul mate coming?” In the astrology chart, there are indeed indicators of soul mates floating all around you. The question is, are you noticing them?

Indicators in an astrological chart of soul mates include one person’s Sun on the other’s Moon or Venus, or Saturn on the other’s Sun or Venus. Once a year, we have this portal to meet a soul mate, and usually this occurs more than once a year. For example, this happens as the transiting Sun and Venus connect with your birth chart’s Saturn. If you are aware of these times during the year, you can be more aware and open your eyes to those around you.

The truth is, anyway, that you are part of a soul group of 144 personalities. Every individual comes from an Oversoul which is split into 12 different souls, and each one of those splits further into 12 more personalities. (12 x 12 = 144) There are 12 corresponding astrological signs, and so each part of our Oversoul has leaders (Aries & Leo-types), busy bees (Taurus & Virgo types), family oriented folks (Cancer & Capricorn types) and so forth. Then each of these has its own flavor too—a leader type focused on family, a busy bee who has to lead in some way, a family person whose purpose is to serve. Astrology does help us to determine how we as individuals are expressing that spark of our Oversoul. However, any of those other 143 personalities are soul mates with which we could have a significant connection. Some are more opposite in expression to us and so complete us. Others are more like us, and we are in sync with them, as though we are riding a wave together.

The key is, we have lots and lots of soul mates out there to meet. Not all soul mates come to us as lovers or potential mates, though. Some come as parents or children, business partners or best friends. The most loving connection we have is the parent/child bond, so many times our true loves come to us as our children. This is the love connection that most completely expresses unconditional love. We give love and support with few expectations in return, and what’s more, we have to, at some point, let the loved one go to grow up and find their own way. This is the expression of love that is most akin to our own travels as souls being created from the Godhead.

As a matchmaker, I use astrology to help people see and understand the connections they have with the soul mates that are close to them in their environment: family, friends, as well as spouses and lovers. I also use astrology to predict “chemistry” with potential mates. If you have the birthdates, you can usually predict the chemistry. If you have the birth times, you can see how that chemistry will translate into every day relationships and shared experiences. For example, one soul mate could be a money connection and be someone with whom to share a business. Another may be meant to be no more than a friend, with no physical connection.

Significant love connections can indeed be seen in birth charts, and the karmic pull and magnetism between two compatible charts can be very strong. However, even with a soul mate, that doesn’t necessarily mean the relationship will work out. What is really important is the level of cosmic awareness and consciousness that each soul spark has, and how far each has progressed on the path of self-awareness. Sometimes, someone who is aware will feel a karmic connection to someone but still knows it won’t work, because that person knows his or her own destiny. Sometimes our destiny is to be attached, and sometimes our destiny is to be detached.

Astrology is great for determining what a person’s life purpose is and what the underlying growth patterns are. Some people are meant to learn about the material world, and others are meant to do the spiritual gig. Some are here for family, and some are here to go it alone. Even those who are here to go it alone don’t have to be lonely.

With 143 soul mates out there to meet and greet, in addition to other souls with whom it’s fun to have a “do-si-do” quick fling, each person can experience a truly fulfilling life, overflowing with love and laughter.

So the next time you open your mouth to say, “there’s nobody out there for me,” take another look. Your soul mates are all around you, and you can feel blessed that they chose to gravitate to you and be with you. Every relationship has meaning and depth, if you just turn and look into the other’s eyes. It’s said that “eyes are the windows to the soul.” Look into the eyes of those around you. You might just see your soul mate staring back at you.

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